The 5 Buckets of Well-Being

The well-being of every individual primarily revolves around 5 buckets or all human pursuits can be defined by these 5 buckets:

Professional Competence

We spend most of our time at workplace striving for professional success and achievement. Experiencing joy at workplace can significantly contribute to mental wellbeing of an individual.


We all have activities that we do for ourselves, that we are good at and enjoy doing. These could be our hobbies, passions, or leisure activities. This bucket is important to make people realize the importance of unwinding/downtime/me-time.


Being social beings, we are constantly engaged in one or the other relationships, be it with ourselves or with others. These could include workplace relationships (boss, subordinates, colleagues), family (spouse, children, parents) and friends.

Mind & Body Fitness

This bucket deals with the fitness levels of the mind and body. It is meant to redirect attention to one’s health and fitness.

Personal Wealth

Money is the tool that enables us to protect ourselves, to build ourselves and our family a better life, and to give back to our community. Managing it makes it a very important aspect in determining our well-being.

The Problem of Urban Lifestyle

We give meaning to our life through various roles and profession we choose. Our entire education system has been focused entirely on this aspect of preparing an individual for the professional world (productive workforce). We can attribute all our professional success to this rigour which we have gone through during our school and college days.

However, our wellbeing is influenced by other important variables which did not get much attention of our modern education system. These variables are namely Happiness, Relationships, Fitness and Personal Wealth. Lack of importance, focus and priority has adversely impacted our ability to manage these important variables which leads to suboptimal life experience, setbacks and unhappiness.

Lack of wellbeing tempts individuals to go for short term gratification-based choices instead of long-term mature choices. Individual experience stress and starts avoiding things which are not falling in his/her comfort zone. The approach of life shifts significantly from growth zone to protection zone. This is not a place where the individual grows both personally and professionally. This is the place where we start setting mediocre goals and start accepting mediocracy. Our inability to manage these important 5 buckets compromises our excellence trajectory and becomes major obstacle in achieving our full potential.

Higher degree of wellbeing ensures higher resilience thereby significantly increasing our probability of achieving excellence.

The Solution- Self-Care

Prajna’s “5 Bucket Wellbeing Program” aims at bridging this gap and equip individual with tools and techniques to manage these important variables. The program helps individuals with wisdom and prepares them ahead of time to successfully deal with the life challenges and achieve excellence or greatness in the field of their choice.

All human pursuits can be defined by these 5 buckets want to know more?

Well-Being Program for Organisations

Management of the mental well-being of Human Resource is one of the most important challenges of organisations. Amongst them the most important factor is employees’ own state of mental health which largely remains unaddressed

Since an individual spends a significant part of his active hours at the workplace, it will go a long way if organisations play an active role in ensuring the fitness of every member. Our well-being program covers the five buckets of well-being to provide a holistic solution for all of life’s challenges.

Well-Being Program for Individuals

The fast-paced world that we live in often makes us shift our attention from the most important asset in our possession, OURSELVES. We constantly strive to push ourselves to the next level without realising the toll it has on our lives. Add to it a crisis like the recent pandemic and the necessity of overall well-being becomes all the more evident.

Our well-being program has been developed to shift attention inward making self-care the hero of your lives. The program helps individuals assess the status of their 5 buckets while also giving them nourishment tools to replenish the buckets.