Adult Program

The fast-paced world that we live in often makes us shift our attention from the most important asset in our possession, OURSELVES. We constantly strive to push ourselves to the next level without realising the tremendous strain we put on our mind and body. The end result of this is an inevitable toll on our physical and mental health making us incapable of enjoying the very things we have strived for. Add to it a crisis like the recent pandemic and the necessity of overall well-being becomes all the more evident.

With this in mind, our Adult Program has been developed to shift attention inward making self-care the hero of your lives. This program works on developing healthy habit patterns for yourselves in a way that helps you protect yourselves against the pandemic in the short term while continuing your pursuit of success and happiness without adversely impacting the mind and body in the long run. The program will help participants in-

  • Building Immunity
  • Alleviaing Relationships
  • Improving Relationships
  • Improving Overall well-being

Adolescence Program

Teenage life is an individual’s first exposure to adulting and the various tests and trials that accompany it. Hormonal changes, examination stress, interpersonal clashes are some of the major stressors affecting modern day teenagers. This makes it imperative for teenagers to be well-equipped to deal with these hurdles and emerge unscathed.

Our Adolescence program works with teenagers to understand their problems and help them find solutions to them. The program works at developing young adults who are resilient and in a better position to perform and achieve their desired goals. The program focuses on managing their internal environment to successfully deal with their external environment. The program will benefit teenagers by helping them-

  • Reduce uncertainty of performance.
  • Conquer challenges with minimal damages and
  • Build a solid foundation for their future